Dec 17, 2014Nursebob rated this title 1 out of 5 stars
This is the kind of insipid crapfest that festival audiences insist on crediting with profound psychological depth instead of seeing it for the shallow one-trick tearjerker it actually is. As the drunken schizoid Walter, Mel Gibson (playing more of a cameo than an actual role) mopes and mugs his way along while feigning some nondescript British accent for his hairy sidekick. As his long-suffering wife Jody Foster (miscast!!) just stares and weeps into the camera. There are a few meaty bits along the way, a valedictorian's speech towards the end has some merit, but it's all lost amidst the dramatic cliches and unintentionally hilarious showdowns; watching Gibson and the Beaver duke it out had me howling! Terrible!