Jun 18, 2021peacebenow rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Story from Louisiana which switches between post Civil war and present day. Three women from different social positions and race are thrown together in an attempt to find their father and/or inheritance. They traverse his trail to TX which is not a good era for women to travel alone and they encounter many dangers. Hannie and Juneau Jane discover "The Book of lost Friends" from days of slavery. This gives hope to Hannie and many other slaves who were separated unwillingly from their families. In the present day Benny a newly hired teacher, uncovers past information/treasures from the Grosett family. She is able to involve her classes in a quest to find out info of the students past and ancestry tying together both eras which brings her classes alive. Increases awareness of hereditary paths crisscrossing through races where many people in current day find they are related. Inhumane secrets exposed.