Jul 26, 2020
Highly recommended. Courtroom Drama fans will not want to miss this well plotted story. Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2020 THE HOLDOUT is not only an excellent courtroom drama , it gives the reader an opportunity to take a deeper dive into how racism, economic privilege and our adversarial legal system seek justice, without necessarily learning the "truth". It is character driven and takes place over a 10 year period. The story centers around a jury on a high profile case that is vilified by the press and the public for rendering a "not guilty" verdict that lets a teacher off the hook for the murder of a 15 year old student, he had inappropriate relationship with. The lone holdout for innocence brings the other 11 jurors around to her point of view, leaving untold resentment nd a unanimous verdict. The jurors are reunited for the 10 year anniversary and for a television reality show to examine their respective roles in freeing a man most people are sure is guilty. When one of them is murdered they will have to work together to keep the wrong people from being convicted, to see that justice is ultimately served, and protect their many secrets I highly recommend THE HOLDOUT to mystery, thriller and crime fans, particularly those who like courtroom dramas. Plot, pacing, writing, and character development, are all well done and make for a very interesting and satisfying story.