Dec 10, 2017
I think that this film really sent out all kinds of totally screwy messages about dealing with matters concerning serious psychosis. While watching this flaw-infested film I kept asking myself - "What the fukk is director Jodie Foster trying to tell me with this crap?" One thing that I'm certain of is that, at some time in her life, Jodie Foster must've had to deal with some of her own personal issues with her real-life father in order to take it upon herself to direct a film of this one's dysfunctional nature. With "The Beaver" it totally killed me that at the absolute peak of his lunacy, Walter Black was at his most creative. And, on top of that, his fukked-up beaver-psychosis made him a media-celebrity who was winning rounds of applause and approval from the entire American population. In summing up this film's story in a nutshell, I view its symbolism as being very clear to the fact that Walter, literally, had his hand shoved up the beaver's ass. I resent Jodie Foster for this terrible attempt at trying to manipulate my emotions. I'm really beginning to hate these sorts of films where a great tragedy has to take place in a broken family before its apathetic members start to really care about one another. (Give me a break!) Needless to say, The Beaver was a box-office flop. People stayed away from this one in droves. Its budget was $21 million. It has since grossed approx. $1 million. All-in-all - The Beaver was shallow, sugar-coated worthlessness. Thank goodness this tripe only lasted for 90 minutes.