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ryner made a comment Jun 30 2020
"Despite being adopted from Korea as an infant, Rowan hasn't really identified with her Asian roots nor been interested in finding out more about her biological family. She's grown up more or less an all-American girl, but has always had a challeng..." Permalink
ryner made a comment Jun 25 2020
"In a quasi-parallel reality, Nadia and Saeed are a young couple whose middle-eastern country is experiencing a civil war as militants take over their city. In this world, citizens who are lucky or well-connected can arrange for transport out of a ..." Permalink
ryner made a comment Jun 24 2020
"A young girl regains consciousness in a cave. She's terribly wounded, including a fracture to her skull, but has no recollection of who she is or what had happened to her. Wandering out onto a road she's picked up by Wright, a man who discovers qu..." Permalink
ryner made a comment Jun 22 2020
"Tom Barren's father has invented the first time machine, though Tom himself is a bit of a family disappointment. Though they are living in a far more technologically and sociologically advanced reality, where just about everything is an improvemen..." Permalink
ryner made a comment May 28 2020
"A collection of moving and compelling stories of five refugees, all of whom have now resettled in America's Heartland. Whether fleeing ethnic persecution, political persecution or war in their homelands, these five individuals have endured terror ..." Permalink
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