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ChrisBCritter made a comment Jul 10 2021
"Fantastic timeless album from the genius driving Pink Floyd during that band's best efforts" Permalink
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Jun 24 2021
"I normally do not recommend a book until I have finished reading it but the book I am reading now is a very good one and I recommend that everyone should read it!!! It is called On the Laps of Gods and was written by Robert Whitaker. It is about t..." Permalink
ChrisBCritter made a comment Jun 24 2021
"I like the title. Because I am not a sensitive snowflake about cursewords. Especially ones that are CENSORED. The same people that demand to use bigoted terms and deadname trans people will cry and say their feelings are hurt if someone says "..." Permalink
ChrisBCritter added a title to their For later shelf Jun 21 2021
Recorded in the spring of 2010 and then mysteriously abandoned by Prince before its release, the statement album documents Prince's concerns, hopes, and visions for a shifting society, presciently foreshadowing an era of political division,...
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