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Learn Robotics With Raspberry Pi
Build and Code your Own Moving, Sensing, Thinking Robots
Book - 2019
Architectural Robotics
Ecosystems of Bits, Bytes, and Biology
Book - 2016
Home Robotics
Maker-inspired Projects for Building your Own Robots
Book - 2018
Our Robots, Ourselves
Robotics and the Myths of Autonomy
Book - 2015
Talking to Robots
Tales From Our Human-robot Futures
Book - 2019
Robot Programming
A Guide to Controlling Autonomous Robots
Book - 2016
Living With Robots
Book - 2017
Robot Builder
The Beginner's Guide to Building Robots
Book - 2015
Red Rover
Inside the Story of Robotic Space Exploration, From Genesis to the Mars Rover Curiosity
Book - 2013
Build your Own Walking Robot
Book - 2003
One Robot, A Dozen Engineers, and the Race to Revolutionize the Way We Build
Book - 2020
Basic Robot Building With Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0
Book - 2013
Darwin's Devices
What Evolving Robots Can Teach Us About the History of Life and the Future of Technology
Book - 2012
Build your Own Lifelike Robots
Book - 2014
Machines of Loving Grace
The Quest for Common Ground Between Humans and Robots
Book - 2015
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