My Love Story!!
My Love Story!! 1 By Kawahara, Kazune Graphic Novel - 2014 | Shojo Beat edition.

My husband brought this high school romantic comedy manga series home from the library and almost fell off the couch laughing. Then I started reading it and ALSO almost fell off the couch laughing. So, protective gear is advisable?

It starts by subverting your expectations. Takeo, the giant bruiser who would normally be the sidekick, is the romantic lead. The glamorous looking cool guy is a secondary character, Takeo's infinitely patient best friend Sunakawa. When Takeo falls in love with Yamato, this tiny, cute girl in his grade, it becomes clear that both parties are 100% clueless about dating, in the most mutually devoted and entertaining way. If it weren't for the periodic intervention of Sunakawa, it's anybody's guess what would become of this poor couple.

It's refreshing, sweet, and well worth the 12 not-overly-long volumes. This was our most anticipated series for a couple of years until it concluded.

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