Sybil Exposed
Sybil Exposed The Extraordinary Story Behind the Famous Multiple Personality Case By Nathan, Debbie Book - 2011 | 1st Free Press hardcover ed.

This book exposes the falsehoods behind the famous book "Sybil" and the subsequent movie with Sally Fields. The diagnosis of multiple personality disorder is now considered unreliable but at one point in its popularity, tens of thousands of people (mainly women) were given this diagnosis. The psychiatrist involved in the "Sybil" case was instrumental in the popularization of multiple personality disorder.

The author of this new book proves that the patient was prompted by her psychiatrist, by hypnosis, and the use of drugs to come up with the bizarre abuse fantasies that she presented to her psychiatrist to keep her psychiatrist interested. The psychiatrist was grossly unethical and encouraged an attachment from the patient that led to an incredible dependency lasting the rest of their lives, off and on. The psychiatrist visited the patient at home, loaned her money, went on vacations with her, sold her artwork, etc. Not to mention making money off the very frequent sessions over the many years of therapy.

The patient tries at one point to come clean and admits in a letter that she lied about the multiple personalities because that was the psychiatrist's special interest but the psychiatrist would have none of it; she considered the confession letter to be evidence of resistance and denial.

There's also information about how the author of the book changed things to make the book more sensationalistic so it would sell better. It's all a very sad story about the greed for money and fame.

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