Death in the City of Light
Death in the City of Light The Serial Killer of Nazi-occupied Paris By King, David Book - 2011 | 1st ed.

This is a very good true crime story along the lines of Erik Larson's "Devil in the White City". I found the first part of the book especially interesting as it describes the plight of the detectives trying to identify victims and carry out a serial killer investigation in a city where there was huge disregard for human life, an atmosphere permeated with fear and where people were constantly disappearing (33,000 Jews alone disappeared in a period of one week). Due to their own particular agenda, the German Occupation authorities were constantly interfering in the investigation.
There is lots of fascinating trivia about Parisian life and people during the period. Some of the more famous people living in the city at the time included Camus, Sartre and Picasso. It seems that almost everyone involved in this story had at least one alias, and I found that as the book progressed, all the names became confusing and it was hard to keep everyone straight. A minor complaint.
Well researched and written.

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