Berlin By Lutes, Jason Graphic Novel - 2018 | First edition.

Though I had previously read the first two books, I reread them all in this volume and was glad I did. The lapse between publication was a few years, so a lot was lost in the character development when putting years between reading the works. The third book, "City of Light", brought all the stories to fruition. Reading about the events that marked the rise to power of Hitler and the Nazi regime as seen through the eyes of citizens living the life of the city is so very relevant today, given the rise of swastickas in demonstrations with the support of the American president. Describing the sweep through several years of that rise to power starting in the Weimar republic, all told through a number of smaller personal stories, Jason Lutes offers an insightful reading of history, both political and social. This also marks an landmark step in the development of the graphic novel.

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