Lethal White
Lethal White By Galbraith, Robert Book - 2018 | First edition.

I was unexpectedly disappointed in this book. I am a JK Rowling superfan and have really appreciated and enjoyed everything she's written until this book. For me, this was a long-awaited 4th installment of the Cormoran Stirke mystery series so, not only is it written by one of my absolutely favourite authors but also, it is my absolutely favourite genre of book. But, for me, the mystery was not as compelling as her previous ones, the ending really fell flat for me and I felt that the book was about 250 pages too long. I am not sure why JK dragged out the story as long as she did... I felt that there was a lot of redundancy and unnecessary dialogue, often 'self-chatter' within Strike's or Robin's own head. So, only ok for me whereas the previous books in this series were great, in my opinion.

CarolynAnn4's rating:
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