Lethal White
Lethal White By Galbraith, Robert Book - 2018 | First edition.

Even if I didn't know that Robert Galbraith was a pseudonym for JK Rowling, I sometimes, while reading a Galbraith book, wonder if I would have eventually guessed, because despite the enormous differences (in audience, in subject matter, in tone) of these two series, some of the same tongue-in-cheek humor and just Rowling-esque turn of phrase exists in these Galbraith novels, and they are the better for it. Listen: this book is not perfect, but it is the fourth book in a series, it is nearly 700 pages long, and I still could. not. put. it. down. When JK Rowling writes, either as herself or as Robert Galbraith, some sort of magic happens on the page. Strike and Robin's complicated working & personal relationship is the heart of this series (though the mystery, as always, was intriguing!) and I would sincerely read 20 more books about these characters. Fingers crossed that I'll get the chance to.

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