Wedgie & Gizmo
Wedgie & Gizmo By Selfors, Suzanne Book - 2017 | First Edition.

This is a really great series, with quick paced, high quality humor. It's hard to find good chapter without anything scary or suspenseful for this age group. These are so fun to read, and a great way for 2nd grade kiddos to quit Dogman. But honestly, I'm 45 and chuckled my way through it. I really hope that Suzanne Selfors keeps writing these! My kiddo has read and reread the 3 that exist so far. They're all great, told from the dramatically different perspectives of Wedgie the Corgi, and Gizmo the guinea pig/evil genius. Also broaches the feelings of changing family makeup, as the kids in the story have new siblings and a new 'step-parent', and have to figure out the new dynamic.

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