The Stranger in the Woods
The Stranger in the Woods The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit By Finkel, Michael Book - 2017 | First edition.

In 1986 20-year-old Chris Knight drove his Subaru deep into the remote forests of Maine. He abandoned the vehicle and set out into the wilderness with virtually nothing. Over time he erected a camp for himself, where he lived in solitude for more than two decades, sustaining himself only by stealing from nearby camps and cabins. When anti-theft technology finally became no match for him, he was finally apprehended in 2013. What drove Knight to self-isolate to such an extent? Is he nuts? What sort of atonement is appropriate for over one thousand incidences of theft during that time by an individual who simply wanted to be alone? This incredible (Maine winters are COLD!) story of survival is told deftly by journalist Michael Finkel, who corresponded with and paid several visits to Knight while he was incarcerated. I'm not sure why, but survival/isolation stories resonate with me, and I've long romanticized the idea of setting out on a journey with only what I can carry on my back.

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