The Lady Vanishes
The Lady Vanishes DVD - 2007 | Special ed.

For the mystery connoisseur, the puzzle solver, the train lover, one of the best movies ever made. And even just for the entertainment, very fun to watch. Excepting a few of the minor roles, excellent acting all around. The clues are everywhere, hiding in plain sight; but recognizing them for what they are, well, that's another matter altogether. Released in politically charged 1938 Europe. If you watch carefully, you'll see some thinly veiled political statements from the writers and director. Some of the bonus materials -- excepting the short film "Crooks Tour", don't bother with that --- are well worth the time. The audio commentary, the excerpts from the Hitchcock/Truffaut interview, and the "Mystery Train" segment are especially interesting. The film is closed captioned, but not the other material. Highly recommended.

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