The Twilight Saga
The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn. Part 2 DVD - 2013 | Widescreen version

This movie was on T.v before i watched it but not on DVD yet i'm afraid this movie is about how bella has a dughther when he said he told him her dad about her she got mad at joacb she wanted to be safe and she has power and she is growing up to fast made me laugh when she sat down oh a chair so fast bella i mean i knew bella was reading a book to her daughther and i see a Hello Kitty pellow on a chair i hope all of you seen it if not watch it again when he said now you see there is a frist time it remines me for the frist time in forever from Frozen it scared me with the sound loud i thought it was Belle's girl walking toward him but it was Alice and her boyfriend it scared me with a loud sound in teathers yesterday i watched Disney Nutcurcar i said to my brother i gotta feeling i know her from from some kind of a movie i seen rescantly and and he was wanting to spend time with his daughther but edward does not want him to and there is a guy name emett i have a friend name emet thats the very frist time i heard that name Monday nov 20 we started watching and finished today Thursday nov 29 .

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