One Shot

One Shot

Book - 2005
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Ex-military investigator Jack Reacher is called in by James Barr, the man accused of a lethal sniper attack on a heartland city that leaves five people dead, and teams up with a young defense attorney to find an unseen enemy who is manipulating events behind the scenes. Six shots. Five dead. One heartland city thrown into a state of terror. But within hours the cops have it solved: a slam-dunk case. Except for one thing. The accused man says: You got the wrong guy. Then he says: Get Reacher for me. And sure enough, from the world he lives in no phone, no address, no commitments-ex-military investigator Jack Reacher is coming. In Lee Child's astonishing new thriller, Reacher's arrival will change everything about a case that isn't what it seems, about lives tangled in baffling ways, about a killer who missed one shot and by doing so give Jack Reacher one shot at the truth. The gunman worked from a parking structure just thirty yards away point-blank range for a trained military sniper like James Barr. His victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time. But why does Barr want Reacher at his side? There are good reasons why Reacher is the last person Barr would want to see. But when Reacher hears Barr's own words, he understands. And a slam-dunk case explodes. Soon Reacher is teamed with a young defense lawyer who is working against her D.A. father and dueling with a prosecution team that has an explosive secret of its own. Like most things Reacher has known in life, this case is a complex battlefield. But, as always, in battle, Reacher is at his best. Moving in the shadows, picking his spots, Reacher gets closer and closer to the unseen enemy who is pulling the strings. And for Reacher, the only way to take him down is to know his ruthlessness and respect his cunning and then match him shot for shot.
Publisher: New York : Delacorte Press, 2005.
ISBN: 9780385336680
Branch Call Number: FIC CHILD
Characteristics: 376 pages ; 24 cm.


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May 23, 2018

I have not read this but I see it was published in 2009? So this is a re-print correct?

Mar 14, 2016

The book and the movie are similar but the book has more characters involved and a clearer movement from clue to clue to reach the conclusion. The reason for the four stars is that this is a good book in the genre and the Jack Reacher series although I wouldn't rate it so highly against what are often called serious writers.

Jun 01, 2014

A Jack Reacher novel which started off rather well but written like a rush job near the end. Too much explaining - pendantic- in the book rather storytelling. Was disappointed and would not recommend.

Jul 20, 2013

Excellent airplane book or beach read. Very satisfying.

nutty7688 Feb 02, 2013

Quick & Easy Read

Jan 29, 2013

Zero comments from JR fans, really?? How about this from the book cover to rouse your interest: A lone gunman unleashes pandemonium when he shoots into a crowd of people in a public plaza in Indiana. Five people are killed in cold blood, shot through the head. But he leaves a perfect trail of evidence behind him, and soon the local police chief tracks him down. After his arrest, the shooter’s only words are, “Get Jack Reacher for me.” What could possibly connect this psychopath and the wandering dropout ex army cop?

Nov 24, 2012

fun read. I can see why Tom Cruise (and many other actors) would want to portray this character.

Oct 22, 2012

I wondered how the author would solve this riddle outlined right at the start of the book: 6 innocent by-standers shot by a sniper, who when caught with slam dunk evidence against him, maintains his innocence and claims that the police have the wrong guy. And he wants Jack Reacher to investigate this case...a puzzling request since Reacher promised to kill him should he kill others again using his sniper training. One needs the author to guide one through this maze...not a plot easily solved with the few clues that authors usually throw to their readers. Excellent, spell binding read.

Sep 27, 2011

Lots of twists and turns in this one.
With the usual gut-wrenching violence. No one is safe.-----I believe the first Jack Reacher book was "Killing Floor" in 1997.


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Apr 28, 2016

Reacher's dare (XYZ and XXX for the other characters:)

Reacher knew where everyone was, and he knew what they were looking at.
“Shoot,” he said. “Aim at my belt. That’ll work. Go ahead.”
XYZ did nothing. Just stared up at him. Reacher was so close and so big he was all XYZ could see. It was just the two of them, like they were alone in the room.
“I’ll help you out,” Reacher said. “I’ll count to three. Then you pull the trigger.” XYZ just stood there.
“You understand?” Reacher said. No reply.
“One,” Reacher said. No reaction.
“Two,” Reacher said. Then he stepped out of the way. Just took a long fast sideways shuffle to his right. XXX fired ...

Apr 28, 2016

The sniper credo:
He reached the base of the wall and lay flat on the ground, pressed up tight against the raw concrete. Then he squirmed up into a sitting position. Then he knelt. He folded his right leg tight underneath him. He planted his left foot flat and his left shin vertical. He propped his left elbow on his left knee. Raised the rifle. Rested the end of the forestock on the top of the low concrete wall. Sawed it gently back and forth until it felt good and solid. Supported kneeling, the training manual called it. It was a good position. Second only to lying prone with a bipod, in his experience. He breathed in, breathed out. One shot, one kill. That was the sniper’s credo. To succeed required control and stillness and calm. He breathed in, breathed out. Felt himself relax. Felt himself come home. Ready.

Apr 28, 2016

The weapon:
It was a Springfield M1A Super Match autoloader, American walnut stock, heavy premium barrel, ten-shot box magazine, chambered for the.308. It was the exact commercial equivalent of the M-14 self-loading sniper rifle that the American military had used during his long-ago years in the service. It was a fine weapon. Maybe not quite as accurate with the first cold shot as a top-of-the-line bolt gun, but it would do. It would do just fine. He wasn’t going to be looking at extraordinary distances. It was loaded with Lake City M852s. His favorite custom cartridges. Special Lake City Match brass, Federal powder, Sierra Matchking 168-grain hollow point boat tail bullets. The load was better than the gun, probably. A slight mismatch.

Apr 28, 2016

Typical "Let's get right into the thick of the action" opening for a JR novel:

Friday. Five o’clock in the afternoon. Maybe the hardest time to move unobserved through a city. Or maybe the easiest. Because at five o’clock on a Friday nobody pays attention to anything. Except the road ahead. The man with the rifle drove north. Not fast, not slow. Not drawing attention. Not standing out. He was in a light-colored minivan that had seen better days. He was alone behind the wheel. He was wearing a light-colored raincoat and the kind of shapeless light-colored beanie hat that old guys wear on the golf course when the sun is out or the rain is falling. The hat had a two-tone red band all around it. It was pulled down low. The coat was buttoned up high. The man was wearing sunglasses, even though the van had dark windows and the sky was cloudy. And he was wearing gloves, even though winter was three months away and the weather wasn’t cold.

Jul 04, 2014

““When will he come?” the Zec asked. “I don’t know,” Rosemary said. “Four o’clock in the morning,” Linsky said. “He’s an American. They’re trained that four o’clock in the morning is the best time for a surprise attack.” ... “I went to college,” Reacher said. “West Point is technically a college.” Yanni said, “The existing social order is a swindle and its cherished beliefs mostly delusions.” “It is not possible for any thinking person to live in such a society as our own without wanting to change it,” Reacher said.

Feb 18, 2010

The nature of randomness, Reacher thought. Random slayings always involved people described as lovely afterward. Nobody ever said "She was a rat-faced fink and I'm glad she's dead. Whoever it was did us all a favor." That never happened.


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