The Sight

The Sight

Book - 2007 | 1st ed.
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In a troubled time for the Clans, three young cats, grandchildren of the legendary Firestar, begin their training as warriors and, in the course of many adventures, discover their true destiny.
Publisher: New York : HarperCollins, c2007.
Edition: 1st ed.
ISBN: 9780060892012
Branch Call Number: J HUNTER
Characteristics: 363, 3 p. : ill., maps ; 22 cm.


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Apr 06, 2020

so good

Mar 19, 2019

I found a short description for this arc, and i google translated it.

Boxing support "Samsung cares about their defense", they are looking for Firefox SkySwatcher Starstar. The unique ThunderClan Brambleclaw Squirrelflight Jayfeather Hollyleaf Lionblaze treats these types.

And this was the original

"There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws", which was given to Firestar in Firestar's Quest by Skywatcher. The series revolves around Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze, children of Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight, and grandchildren of the ThunderClan leader Firestar, who discover that they have a special power.

Google translate sucks, but we already knew that.

Hollyleaf is my favourite, but jayfeather is great too. Its not that i hate lionblaze, but he just lacks character development.

Mar 17, 2019

I love warriors its so cool.
also like whitestorm

ps. my favorite is jayfeather.

Oct 04, 2018

Hi. Does anyone know how old Firestar is?? I get confused by "seasons".

Aug 02, 2018

based on all the comments I have read about this book I CANNOT wait to read this book!!!

Apr 18, 2018

It is a good book, if you finish than you might know who replaces who in the later series.

Feb 23, 2018

Ah, a fresh start to the Warriors series, with fresh new apprentices and fresh new adventure. A welcome read. The good thing about Warriors is that there are so many books that it takes forever to read them all! ;)

Feb 06, 2018

I love this book, it introduced something new. GO JAYPAW!!!!!!!!

Jan 25, 2018

I haven't read the book yet. I'm putting it on hold. I looked through these to see what people thought, I DONT NEED TO KNOW THE SPOILERS!!!! Yeah, when I scrolled down I saw a spoiler. It HAD NO PURPOSE AT ALL. It looked something like this (I won't include the spoiler): "I love this book! Oh by the way (spoiler was here)" Yeah. THANKS ALOT. YES IT DID WARN ME THERE WAS A SPOILER, BUT I SAW IT BY ACCIDENT! There is NO NEED AT ALL to put spoilers in your comment! There just isn't a point! It ruins the book for EVERYONE ELSE, SO STOP. I don't care if you said "SPOILERS" at the beginning. I don't care. STOP PUTTING SPOILERS IN YOUR COMMENTS!!!!! #STOPPUTTINGFREAKINGSPOIKERSINYOURCOMMENTSBECAUSEITRUINSITFOREVERYONEYOULITTLEJERK SERIOUSLY. Have some commen sense people! Don't tell me you didn't "mean" to put a spoiler there. YES YOU FREAKING DID. IF YOU DIDNT THEN YOU WOULDNT HAVE PUT IT THERE. Don't tell me I'm getting overly worked up about this, if you don't know what it feels like to have a book spoiled, then you should consider yourself EXTREMELY LUCKY. IT SUCKS. And ALSO don't tell me that I'm a loser for spending all this time writing this comment. I'm waiting on this book OK!? THIS SPOILER THING SERIOUSLY HAS TO END!!! #FREAKINGSTOPTHISCHAINOFAIDS

Oct 22, 2017

I SOO LOVEE THIS BOOK! This is a great book, and you should definitely read it! My fav one of the kits is hollypaw, but my favorite character in the book is still bramble claw. I can't wait to read Dark River (the next book after The Sight)!

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indigo_flamingo_71 Feb 26, 2017

indigo_flamingo_71 thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

Oct 24, 2016

black_cat_818 thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

Aug 23, 2016

black_cat_3494 thinks this title is suitable for 10 years and over

Jul 21, 2016

blue_cat_10979 thinks this title is suitable for 6 years and over

Jul 08, 2015

brynthor thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 9 and 99

Nov 23, 2014

lLoveAnimaIs thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 9 and 99

Jan 21, 2014

mauve_fox_0 thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 8 and 20

May 31, 2013

tiger876 thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 11 and 99

May 30, 2013

SaynaSLuke thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 7 and 99

Feb 11, 2013

poppy2002 thinks this title is suitable for 11 years and over

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Jun 11, 2019

This book comes after ‘Leafpool's Wish’ . Lionkit, Jaykit, and Hollykit are ending their 6 moon kit-hood. There is a dead mother fox in their territory and the Thunderclan warriors must find if she left any kits and deal with them. Lionkit, Jaykit, and Hollykit want to help so they go looking for the kits (against the rules) and find them, only to find the fox kits are bigger and chase the three away.
Jawpaw wants to be a warrior and he is allowed until he finds he cannot fight and is more suitable for healing. Hollypaw starts out as a healer but is too sensitive for the job, so she changes to warrior. Lionpaw just wants to be the best warrior he can be.
This book is about the choices you make and how paw-hood is all about learning the skills, knowledge and wisdom you need in life. To taking care of the elders, and providing food for those who cannot, like the kits and their mothers before eating yourself. Part of ‘the Code’.

Nov 23, 2014

'There will be three kin of your kin who will hold the power of the stars in there paws.'

The prophecy that has haunted Firestar since they left their old forest has finally starting to come true. Squirelflight and Brambleclaw give birth to three healthy kits. one of which is blind. As the three of them grow and become apprentices they are faced with difficult choices that could change the destiny of their entire clan for better or for worse. the choice is in their paws... But everyone makes mistakes!

Meginka123 Jul 15, 2012

Jaypaw, Lionpaw and Hollypaw have become apprentices. Hollypaw is training to be a medicine cat, but she doesn't want to. Jaypaw switches with her. At the end, Jaypaw finds a prophecy. He believes he, Lionpaw and Hollypaw are the cats in the prophecy.

kathryn3097 May 29, 2012

A cat goes on an adventure through his whole life.

Aug 15, 2011

Jaykit, Hollykit and Lionkit are the grandchildren of Firestar. Jaykit, who is blind, has an unusual ability, allowing him to sense the emotions of other cats, and walk in their dreams. He discovers that Firestar has been given a prophecy about them: There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws.


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Nov 23, 2014

"Ignore ShadowClan? You may as well try to ignore the wind and the rain-it won't stop you from getting cold and wet!" - Quote curtsy of Graystripe.

Feb 15, 2013

"Hi"-Lionkit aka Lionblaze

Meginka123 Jul 15, 2012

"My gold pelt will blend into the bracken better than your black pelt."-Lionkit

Jul 09, 2012

"it's better to scare a mouse than to welcome a badger"

Dec 09, 2011

"There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws".


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