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Two friends strangle a college classmate and then proceed to invite his family and friends to dinner after they stuff the body inside a trunk to be used for the dining table. One of the guests, their teacher, suspects foul play and returns later to discover not only the body, but also how his own academic theories had been twisted to provide the motivation for the grotesque murder. Based on the real-life Leopold-Loeb murder, Hitchcock's study of total mise-en-scene construction was shot entirely on a single sound stage.


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Jun 29, 2020

If Hitchcock ever reached his stated goal of playing his audience like a piano, this is the film in which he did it best. A masterpiece on the level of "Psycho" and "Vertigo". Stewart plays a much smaller part than in "Vertigo". Note the length of unbroken shots (if you have the distance to notice).

Dec 17, 2019

” filmed like it was on a stage” is never good, and I'm not a fan of that fake 1960s acting style. By modern standards, nothing here is shocking to see on tv, and worst of all I was bored.

Apr 29, 2019

most famous for the film experiment of one continuous take; a director's conceit, perhaps. don't believe me? watch carefully for the cut which never occurs.

Apr 27, 2019

Unique in many ways with dialog overlay and subtle changes of light. Each vivid character has their own story. It was the 2nd viewing that I truly saw John Dall's portrayal as that of a serial killer in the making.

Jan 04, 2019

I liked this movie and the way Jimmy Stewart actually plays a role that is so different then his typical roles like in, "It's a Wonderful Life". I find this movie to pack a lot of information about the idea's of murder and the different arguments against and for murder. I noticed how the arguments made were so close to be parallel to the arguments of WWII and Hitler. Maybe I got the idea of making a comparison with WWII as Jimmy Stewart was a bomber pilot during WWII. A well worth movie to watch.

Jun 30, 2018

Banned from several theatres upon its initial release due to a great deal of implied homosexuality not to mention allusions to justifiable genocide, Alfred Hitchcock’s first colour film remains one of his best—a dark and unsettling study of one upper class sociopath’s evening of psychological games. Famous for being filmed entirely on one indoor set (true) using one continuous take (not true) this is definitely one of Hitchcock’s more striking productions with a voyeuristic camera smoothly gliding from room to room, seemingly in real time, as it follows first one character and then the other. Masterfully directed, Hitchcock manages to make eighty minutes seem like an entire evening’s worth of tension and suspense starting with the murder itself and ending with a somewhat ingratiating homily perhaps meant to dispel some of the film’s more controversial elements. A fine ensemble piece which plays out like live theatre.

Jan 20, 2018

Hitchcock made many excellent movies including this one. This one is unique. The story takes place in "real time." It appears to have been filmed in one take. For a long time this film was unavailable on DVD (tied up for legal reasons). Its brilliance should be appreciated by any filmmaker and any film-goer interested in psychological intrigue. Although the film was made 70 years ago, it holds up well today. It has been said that it is loosely based on the Leopold and Loeb murder case of 1924. However, I think it addresses the larger issue of how some among the wealthy class think they are above the law. Just because some people have wealth doesn't mean they have a wealth of conscience. This film was shot in beautiful Technicolor. It has strong performances by the three leads - Jimmy Stewart, John Dall, and Farley Granger. It has a tight script with intelligent dialogue.

Feb 02, 2016

Fascinating backstory on the making of this film. Reportedly Hitchcock wanted Cary Grant for the professor, the role played by Stewart, and Montgomery Clift for the role that went to Farley Granger (who was quite good). But Grant and Clift (both gay) got one look at the script and neither would go near it. In that era particularly there was enormous fear of queer-by-association, and this was particularly true for actors who were in real life homosexual and had to protect their images. I've always admired Jimmy Stewart as an actor but didn't like him in this role--it should have gone to Grant, who could have given the character a complexity and subtlety Stewart lacked. Ah, well.

veganbaker Mar 02, 2015

Arthur Laurent's said the suspense was lost when we see the murder and know they're gonna get caught, (crime never pays in Hitchcock films) but i disagree. As a master of suspense He knew that the tension would be maintained for the only other witnesses, the audience ,knowing where the body was hidden, Though Stewart was not easily accepted in this role and some felt he was uncomfortable in it (he was fine imo) the memorable performances are from the brits and the actress who plays the maid. Also fun to watch the sky grow darker while every ten minutes a cover for the camera reload as it was all shot in 10 minute increments like a play.

Jan 14, 2015

"The Rope" is one of Alfred Hitchcock's finest films. I had heard over the years that he shot it in one continuous take, but from other reviews I learned he did make some cuts in filming. If your a fan of Jimmy Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock, this is another masterpiece that the two teamed up on. The script was written the famous actor Hume Cronyn. Others in the cast may not be as well know as Jimmy Stewart, but are wonderful in their characters. This really is a film not to be missed and I am surprised that an Alfred Hitchcock movie like "The Rope" never had anyone comment on it until my comment of today. I hope you enjoy the film!

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May 29, 2020

Brandon Shaw: "I've always wished for more artistic talent. Well, murder can be an art, too. The power to kill can be just as satisfying as the power to create."

Apr 29, 2012

Phillip Morgan: "Rupert only publishes books HE likes... usually philosophy." Janet Walker: "Oh. Small print, big words, no sales."

Apr 29, 2012

Brandon Shaw: "Good and evil, right and wrong were invented for the ordinary average man, the inferior man, because he needs them."

Apr 29, 2012

Rupert Cadell: "You're quite a good chicken strangler as I recall." Phillip Morgan: "I never strangled a chicken in my life!"

Apr 29, 2012

Rupert Cadell: "Personally, I think a chicken is as good a reason for murder as a blonde, a mattress full of dollar bills or any of the customary, unimaginative reasons." Janet Walker: "Well, now, you don't really approve of murder, Rupert? If I may?" Rupert Cadell: "You may... and I do. Think of the problems it would solve: unemployment, poverty, standing in line for theatre tickets..."


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