Rose in A Storm

Rose in A Storm

A Novel

Book - 2010 | 1st ed.
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Oct 24, 2017

. NOT RECOMMENDED TO READ THIS BOOK IF YOU ARE AN ANIMAL LOVER .. I have read every one of his book This man is neurotic ,,He thinks he can read an animals mind.. In every one of his books an animals dispatched after he writes a book about it,, Everything on his farm gets sick, becomes neurotic, and either is euthanized or taken out back and dispatched with a shot gun . All his animals become tiresome, but are milked one more time in death, until a new one is acquired and the cycle begins anew .just to find a new subject for his books,, .Dont believe me read these ..Any man who thinks his animals are telling him to kill them is neuritic.. , Some of these articles are wrote by the border collie association .Click on these…/1872515-jon-katz-s-status-dog-ex………/1872515-jon-katz-s-status-dog-ex……/bedlam-farms-jon…

jpainter Sep 24, 2014

A big New England snowstorm hits a rural farm with dire consequences for the people and animals there. Plot driven and a page turner on one level. But more truly fascinating and moving to the reader as the canine's perspective unfolds with the events, and for the insight offered into the work that dogs do as our companions.

Jul 18, 2013

What a tear jerker!

hgeng63 Jan 09, 2012

A real tearjerker, about the seasons of life on a farm & the working dog that watches over the farmer & the animals.

Oct 11, 2011

I finally finished it - I got too emotionally involved and has to stay away from it for several days. Where this book really shines is providing an insight into how the world must appear from the perspective of a dog, without excessively anthropomorphizing the view, though some amount is necessary to enable us humans to understand it. For example Katz describes the dog's view of the farm and her thought processes as an "image" (implying visual image)- we humans would be hard pressed to understand an image based largely on scents, as a dog's most likely would be. While the plot may be a bit heavy handed, a number of the incidents I have seen earlier in Katz's non-fiction work (e.g. Dogs of Bedlam Farm)enhancing the believability of this.

This book will appeal immensely to those who love dogs for what they are: dogs. It will appeal less to those who prefer to see dogs in anthropomorphic terms (e.g. themselves as "mommy" to the dog).

As an aside - I wonder if "Flash" is a reference to Footrot Flats dog.

ltrout May 16, 2011

What a surprise! This book was a quick read from the perspective of a working dog. I enjoyed that perspective on people, other animals, and how we rely on each other.

Jan 02, 2011

This story is seen through Rose's eyes and tells how she takes care of her farm and human. If you are an animal lover, this story is for you.

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