How to Stop Time

How to Stop Time

Book - 2018
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Aug 28, 2019

I really liked this book. It's a really interesting concept and suspenseful plot line. The historical parts were wonderful, especially since they aren't written as historical fiction, but as a modern writer putting down his thoughts. I feel like the story could have been longer and more fleshed out, but it was good as it is. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it for the movie. Recommended for people who like history, romance, and thought-provoking questions about life and purpose.

Aug 12, 2019

A good quick read...I guess if you are 400+ years old, you are still searching for the meaning of life. Shows how brutish and short life was in the 1600s.

Good read, take it on a plane or to the beach. Not sure if I will read some of his other books...

Jul 30, 2019

The synopsis behind this novel is good, but some parts failed to hook me in. Word on the street is that this will be a movie (starring Benedict Cumberbatch), and I think maybe I will like the movie better...

May 07, 2019

What would give life meaning if you lived for hundreds of years? This book is an interesting examination of what motivates us to keep moving forward. The story is fine, and I read it quickly enough, but wasn't that impressed.

Apr 29, 2019

Really loved this book, so well written, hard to put down. Not vampire like at all haha Highly recommend, and even better knowing that Benedict Cumberbatch is eyeballing it for a film!!

polished Apr 17, 2019

An enjoyable read, although I wondered that Tom did not accrue as much wisdom as I might have expected over the 400 years of his life to date...however this did not spoil my enjoyment of the book.

The story is very poignant, with the main character outliving his wife in the 1500s , and who knows that the new love of his life will age and die while he is still middle aged in the modern era.

Apr 17, 2019

I had never read this author before, but certainly will again. What an enjoyable read.

Mar 15, 2019

Tom has been alive for 400 years and is still asking himself "what it is we live for"? And one of the reasons he is still asking that question after 400 years is given in an explanation that I adored early on in the book. It also shows the imagination of the author; "There were many times I had lost all hope in my search. A search not just for a lost person, but for that other thing I had lost- meaning. For a point. It occurred to me that human beings didn't live beyond a hundred because they simply weren't up for it. Psychologically, I mean. You kind of ran out. There wasn't enough self to keep going. You grew too bored of your own mind. Of the way life repeated itself. How, after a while, there wasn't a smile or gesture that you hadn't seen before."
The character of Tom is someone I really liked and enjoyed spending hundreds of his years with. And the fact that he was a history teacher in a contemporary classroom of high school students was sublime and just plain fun.
All that being said I was disappointed by the ending. It took a path that kept tripping me up.
This is a well paced book, easy to glide through, enjoyable and perfect for reading after a heavy hitter like The Overstory by Richard Powers.

Feb 15, 2019

The narration starts a little slow but by the fourth chapter I was getting more and more intrigued by what had happened to Tom and what was still in store for him. He constantly reflects on the passing of time and humanities gifts and failures in seizing the moments they are given or learning from the past. I would often pause when reading this and think deeply about my own relation to wanting to speed up or slow down some point in my life. Overall I enjoyed the chance to imagine being nearly immortal and also to think about the past in a fluid and sweeping way.

DCLadults Jan 02, 2019

A New & Noteworthy Best of 2018 pick. Tom Hazard ages, but very, very slowly and has lived for centuries. The only thing he is not allowed to do is fall in love. But this is a love story. Benedict Cumberbatch will star in the film.

Dec 27, 2018

Ingenious concept with seemingly boundless potential to construct compelling fantasies, is what I’m partial to live in. But the book short lived, the eternal theme of love was still/made sterile with/due-to all the efforts.
History collage is narrated in rich texture, highlights on many pages, but the outcome shrinks those time into a bland capsule.

Nov 05, 2018

Could not put this book down!! Set in the present with most of the story told in flashbacks it is an engrossing plot which gives a great feel for the different ages the main character has lived through.

Oct 04, 2018

I rarely read fiction/novels, but I really enjoyed this book. It's an easy read, pulls you right in, and would probably make a great movie.

The plot is interesting and the author does a great job of using the material to address important issues from unique angles. It kind of forces you to take a long look at your own life and make sure your priorities are where they should be.

Aug 15, 2018

A one day book. It isn't every day I experience the pleasure of a one day book: a book so compelling you can't bear to put it down.What happens if you were to live hundreds of years without seemingly growing old? Centrally, the world about you would race by as you outlive everything and everyone. You would watch nations and beliefs and flags appear and disappear. But most significantly those you love, even your children would age before your eyes to disappear.And that is the central premise of this book. O yes, hundreds of years later you could tell others how you sailed with Captain Cook and how you spoke with Shakespeare (he had terrible breath). But there would always be the heartbreak of seeing those you loved die before your eyes. Again and again and again and again.
A thoughtful novel with lots of melancholy and tears but good to read none the less.
Definitely a one day book.

ArapahoeKayla Jul 31, 2018

I listened on audio and the speaker was great and pulled me right into this part "Highlander" part "Interview with a Vampire"(no vampires just narration style) story. The plot was fantastic and fast passed, it's a great historical/science fiction that doesn't overwhelm on the details.

May 31, 2018

I liked the scenes that take place in the distant past, particularly those in and around London during Shakespeare's day. I like the premise of living hundreds of years, but it's hard to imagine nursing a sorrow for a lost lover for four centuries. I mean, come on dude, get over it. Seriously?

Apr 22, 2018

Good book. Interesting concept. It was a quick read. I would recommend the book.

JCLStefanieE Apr 21, 2018

This is a story about the human condition: connections made with people places and things, the struggle to survive, and our complicated relationship with time. Great for fans of Fredrik Backman and the up-and-coming "up lit" genre.

Apr 20, 2018

A very well written novel and compelling story that takes you back and forth through the ages of the time, weaving together the stories and trials of Tom Hazard's life. He makes an interesting observation that nothing new ever happens to humanity, but we live in a cyclical pattern of wants, desires, obsessions and defiance, each generation forgetting or not learning from the last and repeating the same mistakes over and over again. This was a very entertaining read that surfaced compelling thoughts about society, life, love and our instinct to survive. Hard to put down once you've started.

ArapahoeLesley Mar 22, 2018

Haig writes about people. In this book his contemplative philosophical musings focus on our relationship with time, history and being in the present. But it's not all so serious. This is a fun book and a silly book and a highly enjoyable read.

Mar 16, 2018

Sounds good on the summary, but it really dragged. The hero Tom hasn’t gotten over his first love after 400 years and whines through most of the book. Nothing exciting happens, until the very end -too late for anyone to care. Skip this one.

Mar 15, 2018

One of my new top 5's! Thought provoking, extremely well written, and a great story about love and life. The details are so descriptive that it makes you feel like you're right there alongside the character. Highly recommend!!

Feb 26, 2018

Listed on People Magazine's Best New Books Feb 2018

Feb 23, 2018

“I wanted to write something that was optimistic. Even though the central character is quite grief-stricken for a lot of the book, I wanted to find something optimistic within the darkness. I've publicly, very openly, had a history of mental health, with depression and anxiety in my 20s, [so] I think that idea of optimism came about weirdly through my own history with mental health problems. And also to find a way of recovering from that and to do it in a fictional, abstract kind of way. To find a way to embrace the present moment.“
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Oct 21, 2017

Great looking story about a man with a condition - he ages one year for every fifteen of ours...

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